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      Maitreya. The Connection the Visible and the Invisible


      The book is dedicated to my brother Bulat, my family….

      Editor B. Akhmedov

      Cover designer E. Akhmedova

      © Elah, 2017

      © E. Akhmedova, cover design, 2017

      ISBN 978-5-4485-9981-1

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      About the book “Maitreya. The Connection the Visible and the Invisible”

      This book has several levels of reading, corresponding to levels, layers or faces of the prism of the reality of our world. It is organized so that opening it for yourself layer by layer, you come to the understanding of the overall structure of the world (the Tree of Life), your way and your place in it.

      The levels (layers) of reality:

      1. the level of the material world or the action level (the lower tier) – material objects, bodies, desires, and actions, events that occur in life or described in books, shown on a screen, on a stage;

      2. the level of images – the images of simple or complex components and events of the world. Anyone image is a holistic view of the subject, object, or event with all the contained elements, their properties, and relationships. We receive the knowledge of this level through experience, through all areas of art and science, history, legends and myths, teachings and beliefs, industry, information technologies and worlds, through political, economic, and philosophical systems. It allows us to predict events and their development due to the knowledge of internal structure and relationship of components and by means signs, omens, intuitive hunches, presentiments, dreams;

      3. the level – progenitor of the first and second levels – the main script and the general structure of the world laws and principles of existence and development, operating independently from the public system. At this level, we have the opportunity to see the place and the further unfolding of the life of each in the overall structure of the world – not only the individual but also the country. The main script is in the Scriptures. The general structure, laws, and principles of the world contained in a lesser known Holy books. Understanding how they are reflected in the material world (the lower level), is carried out by synthesis of various sources their analysis and docking, and then an intuitive insight. Keys for entrance to this level are words-, objects-, subject-symbols;

      4. the level of ideas – is beyond our phenomenal world (displayed on a material level beyond the Solar system). People who were admitted to the fourth level, understand device the entire Universe and our Solar system in it, its purpose at the level of the Universe. The sources of knowledge are hidden from the general public. Access to this level is through the liberation from the power of the personal Ego.

      The scenario of our world includes all four levels of reality; it has a labyrinth of reflections, where some events reflect others that happened or will happen.

      Labyrinth of reflections binds the layers (levels, faces of the prism) of reality between them. Thanks to our consciousness, we can move from layer to layer, using displays (subjective perceptions of reflections) – doors between the different layers or different levels of reality. We first find the key to such a door; it’s the contact point between layers or levels. Unravelling the key, we can go to the next level or the next layer. Points of contact – signs-clues, signs that were collected folk wisdom, objects, subjects or word-symbols, etc.

      In the book “Maitreya. The Connection the Visible and the Invisible,” an unmanifested world come out to meet the readers, helping to build a bridge across the abyss to the third level of reality. From the height of this level, the world is seen as on the palm. Out on this level, man is aware of his purpose or his destiny in the current life and gets the opportunity to go further to the fourth secret level that is the ultimate goal of all of our incarnations on Earth.

      The book conducts you through classic elements, making it in a certain order. It has the displays – doors between the layers of reality (the way of the Tree of Life, three stars and three Egyptian pyramids that are the display of three crosses – tests in the program of the Earth, etc.) and keys to open them.

      The adventures of the heroes that happen in our time hide something more. The city of St. Petersburg selected as the site where occur the history. In the Peter and Paul fortress, located in this city, on Hare island, we can see the reflection of the spiritual center of man, the so-called seal of Solomon. This seal looks like a hexagon with a dot inside. Inside the six bastions of the fortress that form a hexagon, is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, where, according to legend, Peter the Great, ruler of Russia from 1682 to 1725 and the founder of St. Petersburg, hid the Holy Grail.

      The fortress, together with the additional structures reflects the structure of the world, described eleven Sefirot of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. In the North outside of the hexagon with six bastions is an additional fortification in the form of a crown, called the Kronverk as displaying the top Sefira (1) of the Tree of Life (the Creator reveals himself to man through this Sefira on the fourth level of reality). It is built on an artificially created Kronverksky (Artillery) island – this island is “cut” from Petrogradsky island and surrounded by water on all sides, on the one hand, Kronverksky Strait, and on the other three sides of the Kronwerk channel.

      With two sides of the fortress, on the East and West, there are two Ravelin, additional fortifications as displaying two upper Sefirot with the names “wisdom” (2) and “understanding” (3). Ioannovsky bridge is near the one Ravelin, Kronverkskiy bridge to the other. These bridges connect the Hare and Petrogradsky Islands.

      In the “Secret Doctrine,” volume 2, E. P. Blavatsky mentions a Holy city, citing the “Zohar,” the main book of the Kabbalah: " “We have learned in the Siphrah D’Tzniootha: That the At-tee’kah DAt-tee’keen, Ancient of Ancients, before He prepared his Form, built Kings, and engraved Kings, and sketched out Kings (men, the Kings of the animals), and they could not exist: till he overthrew them and hid them until after a time, therefore it is written: “And these are the Kings which reigned in the land of Edom’ …. And they could not exist till …. Ancient of Ancients, arranged Himself …. and formed all forms above and below …. Before He arranged himself in his Form had not been formed all those whom he desired to form, and all worlds have been destroyed …. they did not remain in their places, because the form of the Kings had not been formed as it ought to be, and the Holy City had not been prepared.” (Zohar iii., 135a; 292a Idra Zootah. Brody, etc.) …. And what is the “Holy City?” The Maquom (the Secret Place or the Shrine) on Earth: in other words, the human womb, the microcosmic copy and reflection of the Heavenly Matrix, the female space or primeval Chaos, in which the male Spirit fecundates the germ of the Son or the visible Universe.”

      As we have seen, the Secret place, which reflects the basic structure of the Universe and the relationship of its elements, is located in St. Petersburg. The Creator did what he had planned, leaving us this reflection of the upper level of reality on the lower or “door to heaven” (another name for the Sefira of “understanding” – Paradise, heaven) and also signs, tips, symbols, allowing to unravel the entire structure and open the last door that connects the visible and the invisible. Having collected and having solved them, the person leaves the labyrinth of the world that connects all layers of reality, or he finishes his training on Earth and returns to the God. Someone may need to collect and deal only with the part of signs-tips, and someone – only with the latter. Each is at its stage of the path and has its combination of transitions between the Sefirot of the Tree of Life or elements of the structure of the world.

      In other words, the door to the exit

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