Sam Saunders finally has a quiet life. After years of unexpected pregnancies, two marriages and subsequent divorces she is unnerved by how routine life has become. Her life is stable, her kids are happy, so why does she have a nagging feeling that everything is about to change? When she finds herself at the center of a practical joke involving her favorite movie star proposing to her, she finds it hard to keep herself grounded. Could this be the change she had sensed?<br><br>Jake Jameson has made a career out of romantic comedies, but his love life is far from it. He&#39;s going through the motions and everyone knows he&#39;s lost his spark. After his fake proposal is televised, he finds that having a family could be what he&#39;s been craving. Will the media scare off his fake fianc&Atilde;&copy; before he figures out what he wants?