Attack at the Dolphin is written by former Sydney Morning Herald journalist and woman-about-town Bridget Wilson. Set during the hard drinking high roller days of 1990's Sydney, this short entertaining read is a sometimes painful, always moving, often funny meditation on marriage, fidelity, love and lust, loyalty and betrayal. Married for many years to her most devoted fan, the book's protagonist finds herself coming undone when a bright young cadet at the newspaper where she works starts paying her attention. Flattered and surprised, she finds herself drinking in Sydney's trendiest bars with a "toyboy" on her arm. Meanwhile her patient husband waits at home. Then one of her best women friends steps into the equation. And all hell breaks loose, The books central scene is set in one of Sydney's best known inner-city pubs, The Dolphin. It is here that the woman protagonist, all too aware of her own hypocrisy, confronts her unfaithful young lover and disloyal friend.