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       David Baron

      Jewish Problem: Its Solution or, Israel's Present and Future

      Published by Good Press, 2020

       [email protected]

      EAN 4064066440916



       I. The Jewish Problem

       II. "The Time of Israel's Trouble"

       III. Israel's Conversion

       IV. The Present Condition of Israel

       V. A Dark Picture: Or, a Contrast Between the Human and Divine Side of the Jewish Problem

       Appendix: Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel


       Table of Contents

      IT is with sincere gratitude to Jehovah, the God of Israel, that a new edition of this little book is now sent forth. Many are the testimonies from all parts of the world, including some from missionary brethren in "regions beyond," to the blessing it has proved. To Him be the glory!

      Dr. Pierson's most kind introduction to the original American Edition, printed when I was in Palestine, tells the history of this address; and I retain his kind words, not because I think his eulogy on myself personally deserving, but as a reminiscence of my visit to America, and of the most happy fellowship it was my privilege to enjoy with some of the choicest of Christ's servants in that vast country.

      That it may still speak the praises of Him Who is the "Light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of His people Israel," and that a blessing may come to every one into whose hands this little book may fall, is the heartfelt prayer of the writer.

      DAVID BARON.23, Grove Road,Highgate Road, London, N. W.


       Table of Contents

      THOSE who were present at the summer conferences at Northfield, Mass., in the months of July and August, 1890, will not soon forget David Baron and his Bible Readings and Addresses. He is a converted Jew; and is well named David Baron, for he is a true prince of the Davidic House.

      There was an indescribable charm about the man. His knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures and his deep insight into them; his keen discernment of the exquisite shades of meaning by which the original words differed and were distinguished, and the perfect familiarity he exhibited with both the original Word of God and all the light which the Jewish customs, manners, and religious and national life cast upon that Word, together with a peculiar unction which qualified his whole manner—all these peculiarities contributed to render his services doubly interesting and helpful. After the Conferences closed, there were still at the hotels and boarding-houses a large number of visitors who clamoured for a continuance of the feast; and Mr. Baron gave daily Readings in the Parlour of the large "Northfield," or in the Congregational church.

      At my earnest entreaty, Mr. Baron wrote out one of his best Bible addresses for publication, and it is herewith put into printed form. It lacks only the personal presence of its author to make it a perfect reproduction of one of the most charming and effective addresses I ever heard. It is not too much to say that, to understand this address and to grasp its great expository argument, is to get the key to all Scriptures pertaining to the past, present, or future, of God's ancient people. This little brochure is called the "Jewish Problem"; it deserves to be called the "Problem Solved"—for it is the solution of the historic and prophetic enigma.

      Arthur T. Pierson.


       Table of Contents

      1  Mr. Baron has now returned to England. See Appendix.

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