With the integration of these 3 Laws of Life we can understand Evolution and therefore its Purpose, answering the questions that several human disciplines (Science, Theology, Philosophy) pose separately, which furthermore seem to hit rock bottom if not answered from a Theory of Everything that integrates them: scientists should be able to accept that a Dimension of Unicity exists where there is no matter to analyse nor physical or chemical law to discover. They should be able to accept the existence of a dialogue between both dimensions which scientifically exist, and that in it is the answer to the evolution of the matter, but also to the evolution of consciousness, walking together towards the integration of Dimensions. In the same way a theologian should accept that God is a Dimension, the one of Unicity, of Everything, that has decided to venture into Duality Dimension through the creation of organic matter that flows and evolves with these 3 Laws of Life; and that the philosopher would see the purpose of existence at the core of this process of evolution and consciousness. I believe the moment to integrate them has come.