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      First Edition: September 2009

      First Plata Edition: September 2014

      First mass market Edition: September 2014

      ISBN: 978-1-61268-072-9

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      My rich dad always said, “Business and investing are team sports.” The same can be said when writing a book—especially a book like the one you have in your hands. We have made history with Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich. As the first truly interactive online book in the Rich Dad series, it took me into uncharted waters. Thankfully, I have a great team, and I relied on them often. Each one of them stepped up to the plate and delivered far beyond my expectations.

      Above all, thank you to my brilliant and beautiful Kim, for her encouragement and support. You’ve been with me along every step of our financial journey, both the good and not so good. You are my partner and my reason for success.

      Thank you to Jake Johnson for his help in shaping the book and my thoughts, and for helping take this book from an idea to a reality.

      And, as always, many thanks to the Rich Dad Team members who are in the trenches every day, and who have persevered and stuck with Kim and me through thick and thin as we’ve followed our passions and shared our mission of financial education and personal responsibility. You are the heartbeat of our organization.


      Notes from Robert Kiyosaki: Fast Forward… to Today

      Can Obama Save the World?

      The Conspiracy Against Our Education

       Chapter Three

      The Conspiracy Against Our Money: The Bank Never Goes Broke

       Chapter Four


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