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       Alexander Berkman

      Now & After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism

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       Chapter 1: What Do You Want Out Of Life?

       Chapter 2: The Wage System

       Chapter 3: Law and Government

       Chapter 4: How the System Works

       Chapter 5: Unemployment

       Chapter 6: War?

       Chapter 7: Church and School

       Chapter 8: Justice

       Chapter 9: Can the Church Help You?

       Chapter 10: Reformer and Politician

       Chapter 11: The Trade Union

       Chapter 12: Whose is the Power?

       Chapter 13: Socialism

       Chapter 14: The February Revolution

       Chapter 15: Between February and October

       Chapter 16: The Bolsheviks

       Chapter 17: Revolution and Dictatorship

       Chapter 18: The Dictatorship at Work

       Chapter 19: Is Anarchism Violence?

       Chapter 20: What is Anarchism?

       Chapter 21: Is Anarchy Possible?

       Chapter 22: Will Communist Anarchism Work?

       Chapter 23: Non-Communist Anarchists

       Chapter 24: Why Revolution?

       Chapter 25: The Idea is the Thing

       Chapter 26: Preparation

       Chapter 27: Organisation of Labour for the Social Revolution

       Chapter 28: Principles and Practice

       Chapter 29: Consumption and Exchange

       Chapter 30: Production

       Chapter 31: Defense of the Revolution


       Table of Contents

      I consider anarchism the most rational and practical conception of a social life in freedom and harmony. I am convinced that its realization is a certainty in the course of human development.

      The time of that realization will depend on two factors: first, on how soon existing conditions will grow spiritually and physically unbearable to considerable portions of mankind, particularly to the laboring classes; and, secondly, on the degree in which Anarchist views will become understood and accepted.

      Our social institutions are founded on certain ideas; as long as the latter are generally believed, the institutions built on them are safe. Government remains strong because people think political authority and legal compulsion necessary. Capitalism will continue as long as such an economic system is considered adequate and just. The weakening of the ideas which support the evil and oppressive present-day conditions means the ultimate breakdown of government and capitalism. Progress consists in abolishing what man has outlived and substituting in its place a more suitable environment.

      It must be evident even to the casual observer that society is undergoing a radical change in its fundamental conceptions. The World War and the Russian Revolution are the main causes of it. The war has unmasked the vicious character of capitalist competition and the murderous incompetency of governments to settle quarrels among radons, or rather among the ruling financial cliques. It is because the people are losing faith in the old methods that the Great Powers are now compelled to discuss limitation of armaments and even the outlawing of war. It is not so long ago that the very suggestion of such a possibility met with utmost scorn and ridicule.

      Similarly is breaking down the belief in other established institutions. Capitalism still 'works', but doubt about its expediency and justice is gnawing at the heart of ever-widening social circles. The Russian Revolution has broadcasted ideas and feelings that are undermining capitalist society, particularly its economic bases and the sanctity of private ownership of the means of social existence. For not only in Russia did the October change take place: it has influenced the masses throughout the world. The cherished superstition that what exists is permanent has been shaken beyond recovery.

      The war, the Russian Revolution, and the post-war developments have combined also to disillusion vast numbers about Socialism. It is literally true that, like Christianity, Socialism has conquered the world by defeating

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