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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Foreword

      3  Preface Organization of the Book

      4  About Techstars

      5  Foreword to Do More Faster India

      6  Do More Faster India

      7  Why Entrepreneurs in India Need Techstars

      8  Mentor‐Backed Entrepreneurship in India Mentors Are Humans, Not “Gods” Reach for the Stars, But Don’t Settle Mentorship Is Not One‐Sided It’s Not Impolite to Have “Asks” for a Mentor It’s Okay to Fire Each Other

      9  Legal Tips for Indian Startups Location, Location, Location Need Financing? You Need the Right Structure Employee Stock Options Valuation Good News for Startups When in Doubt, Seek Legal Advice

      10  Introduction

      11  Chapter 1: Do More Faster

      12  Chapter 2: Do or Do Not; There Is No Try

      13  Theme One: Idea and Vision Chapter 3: Trust Me, Your Idea Is Worthless Notes Chapter 4: Start with Your Passion Chapter 5: Look for the Pain Chapter 6: Get Feedback Early Chapter 7: Usage Is Like Oxygen for Ideas Chapter 8: Forget the Kitchen Sink Note Chapter 9: Find That One Thing They Love Chapter 10: Don’t Plan. Prototype! Chapter 11: You Never Need Another Original Idea Chapter 12: Get It Out There Chapter 13: Avoid Tunnel Vision Chapter 14: Focus Chapter 15: Iterate Again Chapter 16: Fail Fast Chapter 17: Pull the Plug When You Know It’s Time Chapter 18: Love Doesn’t Scale, or Does It? Chapter 19: Reconciling Vision and Focus

      14  Theme Two: People Chapter 20: Be Open to Randomness Chapter 21: Entrepreneurship Is a Group Sport Chapter 22: Avoid Cofounder Conflict Chapter 23: Hire People Better than You Chapter 24: How to Find and Engage Mentors Note Chapter 25: Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly Chapter 26: If You Can Quit, You Should Chapter 27: Build a Balanced Team Chapter 28: Startups Seek Friends Chapter 29: Engage Great Mentors Chapter 30: The Mentor Manifesto Chapter 31: Define Your Culture Notes Chapter 32: Two Strikes and You Are Out Chapter 33: Karma Matters

      15  Theme Three: Working Effectively Chapter 34: Assume That You’re Wrong Chapter 35: Make Decisions Quickly Chapter 36: It’s Just Data Chapter 37: Use Your Head, then Trust Your Gut Chapter 38: Progress Equals Validated Learning Chapter 39: The Plural of Anecdote Is Not Data Chapter 40: Don’t Suck at Email Chapter 41: Use What’s Free Chapter

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