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      M E D I C A L

      A B B R E V I A T I O N S

      This alphabetical listing of medical abbreviations is intended to help you better understand commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in your medical records or used by medical staff as they speak to you, or around you.

      Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms Every Caregiver Should Know

      Ac: before meals

      ad lib: at will, as desired

      adm: admission, admitted

      ASAP: as soon as possible

      Bid: twice a day

      Bm: bowel movement

      BP: blood pressure

      BRP: bathroom privileges

      C: Centigrade, Celsius

      Cap: capsule

      CC: chief complaint

      cc: cubic centimeter

      c/o: complains of

      C02: carbon dioxide

      CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

      CXR: chest x-ray

      d/c: discontinue or discharge

      ECG or EKG: electrocardiogram

      EBL: estimated blood loss

      ER: emergency room

      F: Fahrenheit

      Fb: foreign body

      fx: fracture

      gtt: drop-liquid measurement

      H & P: history and physical

      HR: heart rate

      hr: hour

      hs: hour of sleep (bedtime)

      H20: water

      i: 1

      ii: 2

      iii: 3

      iv: 4

      v: 5

      I & 0: intake and output

      IDDM: insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

      IV: intravenous

      IM: intramuscular

      Mg: milligram

      ML: milliliter

      MVA: motor vehicle accident

      NPO: nothing by mouth

      NTG: nitroglycerin

      02: oxygen

      OD: right eye

      OS: left eye

      OU: both eyes

      post-op: postoperative (after surgery)

      pre-op: preoperative (before surgery)

      po: by mouth

      pt: patient

      prn: as needed

      pc: after meals

      qd: everyi day

      qh: every hour

      qid: four times a day

      qid: every other day

      Rx: prescription, treatment

      sc/sq: subcutaneous

      s: without

      sx: symptoms

      s/s: signs and symptoms

      stat: immediately

      SOB: short of breath

      tab: tablet

      TPR: temperature, pulse, respiration

      vs: vital signs

      General Terms

      AA - amino acid

      ABG - arterial blood gas

      ADM - admission, admitted

      ASAP - as soon as possible

      ALS - advanced life support

      AMA - against medical advice, American Medical


      ASAP - as soon as possible

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