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      Andrew Hallam

      The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing

Additional Praise forThe Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing

      “This book is a must-read for expatriates or anyone thinking of becoming one. Whether you're an investor from Canada, the U.S., South America, Asia, Europe, Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand, you'll find the advice well-researched, useful, and easy to understand. Thanks to Andrew's wry sense of humor, it's surprisingly easy to digest too.”

Duncan Hood, Editor-in-Chief, MoneySense magazine

      “A brilliantly written uncommon common sense guide to protecting your nest egg from both predators and yourself.”

Allan Roth, author of How a Second Grader Beat Wall Street

      “Millionaire Teacher resonated with so many investors because Andrew Hallam lives what he teaches. This new book has that same credibility, and it fills a huge gap in the marketplace. Expats don't just need to overcome the usual investment hurdles: they also face an extra logistical and tax burden when building their portfolios. Hallam is the ideal guide, because he's been there, and he's already cleared the trail.”

Dan Bortolotti, Investment advisor with PWL Capital (Toronto), author Canadian Couch Potato blog

      “This book is a must read by expats and their human resources departments if they hope to get on the path for a successful retirement. It covers all the bases including the egregious costs of the offshore pension schemes, country specific information on how to set up a low cost index investment approach and pitfalls expats need to avoid.”

Robert Wasilewski, RW Investment Strategies, author of DIY Investor Blog

      “Employers of expatriates, whether they're businesses or international schools, should give their employees a copy of this book. Hallam's investment strategies are aligned with academic evidence, and not the sales driven rhetoric to which so many naïve investors fall victim.”

Larry Swedroe, Author of Think, Act and Invest Like Warren Buffett, principal and Director of Research for Buckingham Asset Management Alliance

      “While Andrew Hallam's book is aimed at Expats, it's for anyone. It's a wonderful and breezy how-to book which will help Expats and homebodies alike to avoid the myriad financial landmines that can derail our plans. It is, of course, must-read material for anyone thinking of moving or retiring in a foreign land. One thing I love about the book is the way that Andrew gleefully eviscerates sacred cows, whether they are widely accepted dogma or powerful interest blocs. It's fun to read truth that's not wrapped in caution.”

Rob Arnott, Chairman and CEO, Research Affiliates; co-author, The Fundamental Index

      “A good follow up book by Andrew Hallam, extoling the need to be self-reliant in our investing for our retirement. Andrew writes with a clear and logical thought process”

Jenny Chiam, Senior Vice President, Head of Securities – Singapore Exchange

      “This is a great book for expatriates looking to grow and protect their hard-earned money. This book will help you avoid many costly and risky pitfalls with your life savings.”

Craig Rowland, co-author The Permanent Portfolio, Harry Browne's Long-Term Investment Strateg y

      “In the opening lines of his book The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing, Andrew Hallam reveals that at the tender age of nineteen, “I planned how much money I wanted to save, and why.” If you gain nothing else from this book – and you will glean a great deal more – Hallam's reminder that saving is a critical part of the long-term wealth creation equation is priceless. And, the best part? Andrew will keep you laughing while you are learning–the mark of a great teacher who knows the material cold. This book is a must-read part of your investing library!”

Nancy Tengler, Author The Women's Guide to Successful Investing, investing columnist for The Arizona Republic, former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Fremont Investment Advisors

      The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing

       From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat

      Andrew Hallam

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       Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:

      Hallam, Andrew (Teacher)

      The global expatriate's guide to investing: from millionaire teacher to millionaire expat/Andrew Hallam.

      pages cm

      Includes bibliographical references and index.

      ISBN 978-1-119-02098-1 (cloth); ISBN 978-1-119-02100-1 (ebk); ISBN 978-1-119-02099-8 (ebk)

      1. Finance, Personal. 2. Investments. 3. Retirement income – Planning. I. Title.

      HG179.H238 2015

      332.6 – dc23


This book is dedicated to the millions of people who have taken the global road less traveledAnd to those who have purchased inflexible, expensive offshore pensions: May the cold calls stop ringing. And may global employers get wise to the investment foxes so many have invited into their own henhouses


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Investing: Now Anyone Can Do It, Anywhere

      Some people like investing. Most

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