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      Diana Malivani

      The Happy

      Little Pigs

      An Illustrated Story in Verse

      Translated from Russian into English by

      Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter

      Illustrated by the Author

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      One Day in the Lives of the Happy Little Pigs (an Illustrated Story in Verse)

      For a little girl named Michelle

      The Author would like to express her deep gratitude to her husband for his support and assistance with this book

      Table of Contents

      The Happy Little Pigs

      The Author

      Other books by the Author

      The Happy Little Pigs

      Beside a shady river bank,

      Where oaks grow tall and stout,

      Stood a cozy cottage,

      The household of the Snouts.


      The father – an imposing Boar,

      His wife – Madame Oinklette,

      The stylish loving mother

      Of their piglet octet.


      Eight charming children -

      A rapidly growing crew -

      Each little nose turned up,

      Each tail a curlicue.

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