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      Обложка книги (английская версия), автор Андрей Кудан, фотография из личного фотоархива.

      Revelation of the Soul. Re:thinking

      It is difficult to put into words the state of tranquility when you

      are aware of yourself as a source of life.

      If you haven’t realized the game you play, now is the time.

      One Buddhist master read a wonderful text to his students. It touched them all, and they asked him: "Who wrote it?” The teacher answered: “If I tell you that it was written by Buddha, you will worship this text, placing flowers on it and bowing down before it. If I tell you that this text was written by a Patriarch, you will treat it with great reverence but you won’t bow down before it like it were written by Buddha, If I tell you it was written by a monk then you might be taken aback. If you find out that this text was written by our cook then you will just laugh.

      Ramesh S. Balsekar

      Who am I?

      I am not a run-of-the-mill book.

      This is because it’s tough to detect and capture the meaning hidden between my lines.

      If you try to compare me with other books then you will miss the meaning that I contain.

      Just as you fail to understand other people, attaching a label and passing judgement on them based on their physical appearance.

      And misunderstanding other people has its roots in a lack of understanding of yourself.

      Being human is not a condition, it is a journey that stretches from cradle to grave.

      When you pick me up, remember what it was like to be a child that is exploring the world for the first time. It is only in this state of tranquility that you can be ready to let the world in. Open yourself up to the world and it will answer in kind.

      If you don’t know what to do and which path to choose, if you feel lost, then just stay with me a while.

      The energy I contain will help you to find your true self and to understand its meaning.

      I hope that you remember your Soul. If you forget, then I will remind you.

      Every single thing has an unchanging inner core.

      Parmenides of Elea

      An ‘Idea’ or ‘inner form’ is absolute and unchanging, while its external manifestation may change.


      Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal or a window opening on something other than itself.

      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

      All of these things and phenomena only appear detached. In fact, they are deeply inter-connected and integrated, a hidden order which is simply imperceptible to our senses.

      David Bohm

      To be a Soul

      means to attain a state in which you don’t assign values or pass judgement. Being your spiritual self means dissolving into the world you see around you, recognizing the hidden meaning that tangible objects hold. The only way to attain this state is through contemplation. You must contemplate goings on from the perspective of an observer and you must remain impassionate. Being on the right path will give you a feeling as if you are flying, a flight from a great height into the water below.

      Your essence freezes in anticipation. You don’t notice these thoughts coming. You feel tranquil when you dive into water, although not entirely. You can’t stay underwater for long without a habitual gulp of oxygen. The realization hits you – you are free of your old beliefs. You reach the surface and take a breath and your consciousness feels pure. You are not haunted by thoughts, you have a clear understanding of proceedings. You have freed yourself from the past and now breathe in the present. The conflict within you has become calm. In a single moment you broke down into parts and then reassembled. After you have put yourself back together, it feels as if you had always roamed the world in search of this state. Now you are a single whole, rather than in two parts. Everything becomes clear and understandable to you. The veil has been lifted and the world appears in its all forms. You became an event and every detail becomes a part of you.

      A while after you make the jump, the feeling of flight changes back to your everyday state. You now need a new achievement to feel it again. A lot of people have spent their lives on this swing. But now the era of the new human being has arrived, that has reached the state of a Soul. And you will become just such a human. When you reach this state, you will be able to see. You will learn how to be in this state permanently and will never forget about it. Although you may still amuse yourself with those actions you are used to, they will no longer be as interesting as they were before. This isn’t social death but a vision of the reflection which your actions have in the visible and invisible world. You will see, that this is the condition that everybody strives for, but only a few manage to reach. If you can achieve it, you have a chance to escape Saṃsāra.

      Throughout your lifetime, the Soul passes through different states: dreaming, waking, feeling joy or anger and experiencing love, among others. When the Soul makes the transition between these states it interacts with the world. The change of states is dependent upon your environment. The Soul molds the states through the intellect, which is directly connected to the body. The states are so deeply rooted in everyday routine that the non-conscious Soul doesn’t know how to live without them because it is attached to that which is visible by the wandering Intellect.

      Visible form is created within the state of Intellect. If I don’t perceive myself, although I am wrapped up in consciousness, then Intellect takes control of me. If I don’t perceive myself, it doesn’t mean that I don’t exist. When you are in a nonconscious state, interactions with the world at large take place in a standard, preset mode. This ‘standard’ mode is dictated by society, or it would be better to say that I unconsciously perceive it until I find myself. Everything that society considers normal is taken as a comfortable and safe place by the Intellect, and society always aspires toward security and building comfort zones. This habit helps to prevent us from experiencing a fear of the unknown. Otherwise our social personality could be ruined, which is comparable to death for a person. This personality always strives for control over our affairs, while at the same time it is unable to be its own master. That’s how we live, moment by moment. We create a comfort zone for ourselves and then just live out our days.

      Just imagine if you began each and every morning as if you had to explore your life anew. This creates pressure on your state of Mind, as well as forming the social personality that interacts with the world. It simply has to know what happens and the reasons, as otherwise it cannot function and can fall into a state of frustration.

      Before every appearance

      I know and see myself. This awakening continues until I reach the low frequency energy of the Earth. I am connected to this energy and I suffer as a result. It starves me of oxygen, it extinguishes my inner flame. And I need to break out of the manacles with which I restrain myself in this world. Otherwise I will return to the Earth as just another reincarnation.

      My continued reincarnations are the result of when in a nonconscious state of mind during my past lives I reacted to some information that dragged me down into a state of segregation. This illusory state of disunity and duality, in which I believed, led my mind to its nonconscious state. This state transformed me into a garbage can into which people dumped their waste. While my Mind was in this non-conscious stage I collected a lot of garbage.

      It was only when I left my body that I saw the pointless life I had spent once again, how I had forgotten myself while I lived. A part of me begged to come back to my senses and not to condemn myself to roam forever, but the other part was not listening. Every minute I spend segregated led to a heightening of Ego and the creation of new attachments. This false sense of

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