Make your farm better, smarter, and more productive The Lean method is revolutionising farming globally with its proven approach for reducing waste, improving productivity and sustaining profits. In The Lean Dairy Farm , dairy farmer and Lean consultant Jana Hocken explains why this approach is essential to every dairy farm and how to apply these tools, practices and principles to your dairy operation. The Lean Dairy Farm helps reduce the common problems and stressors faced by farmers every day: long work hours, high staff turnovers, repeat problems, breakdowns, wastage, safety and high costs. Using her own family’s dairy farm as a case study, Jana provides insight into how the Lean approach applies to farming, introduces practical tools to help you improve efficiency and reduce waste, and shows you how to create a farm culture that supports Lean thinking. Even if Lean is entirely new to you, this book offers a simple blueprint for applying its principles and practices to improve your farm. Quickly make use of basic Lean concepts on your farm Identify and eliminate waste in farm processes Organise your farm effectively to improve productivity Standardise your processes to do everything right the first time Develop an engaged, high performing team If you want a more efficient, profitable and robust dairy farm, The Lean Dairy Farm is for you.