Can you be a selfish misanthrope and still a survivor in a brutally violent new world? <br><br>It is Britain in the year 2030. Zan is an unstable, arrogant and successful trader in the City of London, fighting to suppress painful memories. Tragedy strikes when not only his success comes to an end but his very life is threatened by a darkness let loose on the world, a darkness caused by those who abandoned him. Now he must rediscover himself and prove to others just what he&#39;s capable of in order to get revenge … or redemption.<br><br>Journey with him as he meets fellow survivors and formulates a plan to save both himself and his country. Along the way he discovers what happens to love, trust and the truth when you&#39;ve lost everything. And when the end is nigh, can he confront his damaging past and still overcome the odds to save his and everyone&#39;s future … ?