Selling is everything delivers as no other book to share how we all purchase everything in our lives, personally and professionally. Understanding other people&#39;s desire to get &quot;What&#39;s in it for me?&quot; is the most important key to selling and this book delivers on how. In this book you will learn:<br><br>How each of us uses the same buying process for every purchase be it goods, services, ideas, relationships, friendships, passions or desires. <br><br>* The four (4) phases we all utilize when we make a decision to buy anything. <br><br>* How to calm your mind to listen to others &quot;What&#39;s in it for me?&quot; needs, goals and desires and sell them what they want. <br><br>* How to use the Decision2buy process to better communicate, build relationships and reach common win-win outcomes together.<br><br>* How to manage the buying process to meet your buyers needs and goals faster.<br><br>* How to use the lessons in this book to improve you daily interactions with everyone in your life. <br><br>* How to think outside of your mind and like that of others by learning their buying process and needs.<br><br>* How to sell more and faster with the same amount of time and effort. <br><br>* How to be a better listener and problem solver becoming more valuable to yourself, family, friends, business and clients.<br><br>* How &quot;closing&quot; becomes just a natural course of events in the selling process. <br><br>* What others are saying about Selling is Everything:<br><br>&quot;G.F. has captured the deep essence of sales and offers practical and implementable ideas to take your sales from good to great. Whether you are a CEO, CMO, Sales Executive or sales person of any level, you need this knowledge.&quot;<br><br>&quot;For our employees going forward Selling is Everything will be a must read since it covers a lot on just how to relate to others (which is a tough thing to find these days).  I think that along with cell phones and the internet, many have lost their way when it comes to communicating, relating, AND making friends with others Selling is Everything fills that gap.&quot;<br><br>&quot;This book is the missing link that will take a salesperson from good to great. There are tried and true methods that will save you much time in connecting with your prospects.&quot;<br><br>&quot;Selling is Everything covers it all and then some. It is a fresh new approach to selling.&quot;<br><br>&quot;After reading Selling is Everything, you will be armed with great tools that make failure to sell, next to impossible.&quot;