Powers of attorney are one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign. Every adult should have a power of attorney. Yet, many people ignored this fundamental legal step and might have no protection if they are ever disabled or are unavailable for travel or other reasons to act for themselves. They might subject themselves to the costs and trauma of a guardianship proceeding. Many who make the effort to obtain and sign a power of attorney rely on standard boilerplate documents that might not address vital personal, tax, or legal issues that are critical to protecting themselves and their loved ones. Finally, this common legal document is often used as a spigot for elder financial abuse. <br><br>This practical yet sophisticated primer is designed to educate and inform you about what a power of attorney is, how you can be certain you obtain a document that works for you, and many other practical steps. Whether you hire an estate planning specialist, a general practice lawyer, use a form supplied by your bank, or prepare a document on your own using one of the many legal websites, you will get a much better result if you read this book and understand the decisions involved. <br><br>Once you have a power of attorney document, what do you do with it?<br><br>How can you organize your financial and legal matters so that if you are ever disabled your agent can really help you?<br><br>If you are named an agent what steps should you take?<br><br>Would your religious beliefs or health challenges affect what you might need to do?<br><br>This book will give you lots of practical advice that many professional advisers and legal websites often ignore. It will help you really protect yourself and accomplish your goals.