If you like your Romance novels Short, Swwweeet, and Petite, then this is for you. Parody, innuendo, more innuendo, prose only Bulwer/Lytton could love, and plaid cows. It doesn&#39;t get any worse … or does it?<br><br>Betty Tungsgood has to deliver a herd of Argyle Steers to Oregon. The only thing standing in her way is a bad woman in the Badlands and a penchant for swimming nude. But she has Jack at her side. And back. And front.<br><br>Critical Reviews for &quot;Big Gun on the Tetons&quot;.<br><br>&quot;… hilarious, LOL … &quot; – Katherine M.<br>&quot;… lusty fun …&quot; – Gretchen G.<br>&quot; … you don&#39;t think I actually read that stuff do you?&quot; – Patricia F.